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1847 All Minor Harmonica

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3 in 1 - the ALL MINOR HARMONICA is
a Richter, a Natural Minor and a Harmonic
Minor Harmonica in one instrument!


With the sliders this harmonica can be re-tuned
as easy as a guitar. It is very simple to re-tune
it from Major to Minor and vice versa.

*The inspiration for designing the ALL MINOR
came from Jim Antaki’s Turboslide
harmonica (>www.turboharp.com) where little
magnets were used to alter the pitch of stainless
steel reeds for the first time.


Inginiously simple tuning principle:

If you slide the magnetic sliders of your ALL
MINOR HARMONICA towards the tip-end of
the reed the magnetic field slows down the
reed's oscillation resulting in a pitched-down
tone. It can be re-tuned for a semitone down.




Besides its innovative magnet-slider cover
plates the 1847 ALL MINOR HARMONICA
is constructed like the approved 1847
SILVER model.

• the reeds and the rivets as well as the cover
  plates and reedplate screws are made
  of Stainless Steel

• reedplates made of non-corrosive German

• solid polymer comb in nano grey

• less air-loss due to fine-cut reedplates -
  optimised flatness and extremely small
  tolerances between reed and reedplate

• beard- and lip-friendly coverplates with
  rounded edges without any cuts at the

• the overtone-rich sound can spread out
  unhindered - covers opened wide at the back
  and crimped and therefore a good stability
  and rounded edges.

Made in Germany

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