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Symphony Grand Chromatic

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PREMIERE: The first 16-hole chromatic
harmonica with stainless steel reeds!

Key of C


The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is a
professional chromatic harmonica with
uniquely-inspired technical developments
that sets new standards in terms of sound,
airtightness, playability, and reliability.


The high-quality, contemporary ergonomic design
guarantees longevity and maximum playing
comfort, leaving nothing to be desired

The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is available in
two variants:

- with aluminium body and trapezoidal-shaped
  mouthpiece =
variant 'ALU'

- with a transparent-green acrylic body and
  halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece =
variant 'ACRYL'.


The recessed reedplates (1mm) are precision cut
from anti-corrosive German silver.

Hand-tuning of the 64 stainless-steel reeds,
tight tolerances, and newly developed SEYDEL
(with less adhesive than conventional valves)
create an instrument with precise tone control and a
rich sound with a tonal range of four full octaves.

The recessed reed plates are mounted with stainless
steel screws and screwed on individually.


Solid, die-cast, coated aluminium coverplates are
screwed on individually
providing a design that is
widely-opened at the back for a balanced feel and
dynamic, full, warm sound projection in all four octaves.

The precisely-fit, stable slider, made from 1mm
German Silver, has an ergonomically convex-
shaped, silver coated slider button
with soft surface
for the finger.

Each slider is individually lapped together with the
mouthpiece and works therefore very silently and is
extremly airtight


It can be serviced very easy by unscrewing only
one single screw
on the back of the comb and pulling
the slider out for easy cleaning.

The comb accommodates the provided carrying strap,
made from genuine leather and with a SEYDEL
embossing, to securely harness the instrument.

It can be attached either on the right or the left side
of the SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic.

SEYDEL-Innovation: The heatable harmonica case!

Each SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is shipped in a
stable, heatable case that can be locked.

The unique heatable case deliveres the right playing
temperature making it less suspectible to
condensation on the inside of the instrument
- humidity can evaporize faster.


As accessories the heatable case comes with a
USB-adapter for your car-plug, a multi-power-
plug-adapter for all international power-ports
and a USB-cable to connect with a computer.

Additionally there is a SEYDEL-Powerbank
(12.000mAh) optionally available.


Within about 10-20 minutes your instrument will be
warmed-up to body-temperature (in the closed case).

The warm-up time depends on the ambient temperature.

This is achieved by an electric 'Thermopad', that is
driven by 5 Volt/2.1A.
The pad is connected through
a Micro-USB-plug on the outside of the case.

With the standard Micro-USB-cable, delivered with the
case, it can be used with each USB-port that delivers
minimum 2.1A.


Tontabelle - Solo64x
blasen——| c e g c' c' e' g' c'' c'' e'' g'' c''' c''' e''' g''' c''''
ziehen——| d f a b d' f' a' b' d'' f'' a'' b'' d''' f''' a''' b'''
Kanal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
blasen—| c# f g# c#' c#' f' g#' c#'' c#'' f'' g#'' c#''' c#''' f''' g#''' c#''''
ziehen—| d# f# a# c' d#' f#' a#' c'' d#'' f#'' a#'' c''' d#''' f#''' a#''' d''''
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