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Triola Seydel

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Blow-harmonica with 12 notes -
from 3 years on

Simply follow the colors!

Now with SEYDEL's approved and durable
stainless steel reeds!


The Triola is a colorful introduction to music
for children.

So easy to play - just press the colored keys the
same as shown with the corresponding notes
for your favourite nursery rhymes and
children's songs.

Children learn to read music through play.

The Triola is a handmade and hand tuned single
tone wind harmonica, designed to teach children
from 3 years and above.

It has 12 notes ranging from G4 to D6, 26.4cm in
length and is tuned to C-major (see "Tips" section)

It works by simply blowing into the instrument
and pressing the colored keys.

Four adequate Triola Songbooks are also available.



Now with five songbooks (a mix of German and
English Versions) and the Triola 12 (with approved
stainless steel reeds)

Books Vol. 1 German issues, Vol.2: (X-mas songs)
+ Book 3, 4 with additional harmonica tabs and
the new bilingual Vol 5.

New practical package + a gratis Triola-backpack
with reflecting roadworthy Triola imprint!



24 x Triola & 24 Songbooks - blow harmonicas
with durable stainless steel reeds for Kindergardens
or schools delivered in a presentable display

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