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Chromatic Deluxe

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Maat: 14.3 x 3.7 cm / 180 gram

Chromatic Harmonica with 12 holes,
48 notes and brown-tinted acrylic comb
The Standard tuning of the Chromatic Harmonica
Purists among the players insist -and they stress-
that the key of C is the only tuning necessary
when playing 'Chrom'.

They say, that a violinist also does not carry
several tuned violins around to be able to play
all classic works.
This may be expected in a classic enviroment

However, not everybody practises 8 hours a day
to overcome the limits of knowledge to play
in all scales.

Now, if you simply change your instrument
you have them all available.

Therefore we offer various different tunings for sale.



Mouthpiece upgrade for DE LUXE
(halfmoon, round holes-installed)
Price extra € 39.95


Slide modification for left-handed players
For all chromatic models - after modification the slider is
situated on the left side of the instrument
(where you can find the lower notes).

Price extra € 10.-

You can mentioned this under comment
when you confirm the order.
€ 149.95
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