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Rem. Airboard 32 Hohner

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32 toets, F3 - C6


Incl. mondstuk, slang en koffer 


Remaster Airboard
Got everything for the day?

Your keys, your phone, your wallet, a coffee
to go and – your Melodica!

Introducing the AirBoard Remaster, a portable,
air powered, keyboard instrument.

With its cool new appearance, striking padded
travel bag and redesigned BlowFlow mouthpiece,
the AirBoard is designed for a new generation
of musicians.

The AirBoard Remaster requires no computer,
no cables, and no power source.

At it’s affordable price, anyone can grab an AirBoard
and jam anywhere joining ukulele players, guitarists
and other acoustic musicians.

The AirBoard enables musicians to add a unique look
and sound to their performances.

The AirBoard is designed for a new generation of

Now, anyone can grab an AirBoard and jam with
ukulele players, guitarists and other acoustic musicians
in any location.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hohner logo

Since 1857, HOHNER has been crafting
the highest quality musical instruments in
the World. 

Only the finest quality raw materials are used,
obtained from worldwide leading suppliers.
Every instrument from HOHNER embodies not
only the decades of experience and enormous
treasury of knowledge of our staff, but also
the aspiration to build the best possible
musical instruments, driven by an abiding
passion for music.

€ 74.95

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